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  • Exclusivity

    We are exclusive distributor for your cork products in the Benelux.

  • Different Possibilities.

    Cork leather has unlimited design possibilities for various products.

  • Product of the future.

    cork products are the perfect combination of functionality, durability and aesthetics.

Welcome to CORK walk & wear's website.

Explore the diversity of cork.


Product Features

Local Portuguese product

Portugal has the largest cork oak forest in the world , providing more than 50% of the worlds cork production.

A Brilliant idea!

Cork has the same qualities as leather but being very light, it gives a total different texture to all our products.


Biodegradable product with exceptional qualities found in abundance not damaging the local eco-system.

Some of the different Cork products

About us

  • Who are we?


    On one of our trips to Portugal, we came across these beautiful products made of cork. Handbags, shoes, umbrellas and other fashion items. We had never seen this anywhere else and we found in quite strange actually, since there were so many nice objects and it is such excellent material. Back home we look into cork manufacturing and learned it is also a very environmental friendly, sustainable and ecological product. From that moment on we decided that this beautiful product was worth it to become available outside Portugal as well. This lead to the founding of Cork Walk & Wear. The mission of Cork Walk & Wear is to introduce cork fashion products to stores throughout the Benelux and make people aware of this great sustainable material for shoes, handbags, travel gear and all kinds of fashion accessories including jewellery. Cork Walk & Wear is exclusive distributor for rutz|walk in cork and corkdisign fashion bags & accessories for the Benelux.

  • What is Cork ?


    Cork is an environmentally friendly material, with a vegetable origin, taken from the bark of the cork oak tree (Quercus suber L). The cork oak trees are noble, elegant and have special characteristics such as longevity, a great insulating power, a major regeneration capacity and versatility of use. These special trees grow in the Mediterranean region, in countries as Spain, Italy, France, Morocco, Algeria, and particularly in Portugal, where there are over 720 000 hectares of cork oak forests. They live on average between 150 and 200 years and one of its main features is to produce a bark every nine years, which can be extracted about 16 times during their lives, without any damage to the nature. This bark is called cork and can be used as a raw material of unusual strength and durability. It is above all a material one hundred percent natural, recyclable and reusable, contributing for a modern society both environmentally friendly and not polluted. Today, cork is a raw material extended to various uses such as coatings, insulation (thermal and acoustic), production of instruments, home furnishings, in footwear components, and various types of industries as decoration, fashion accessories. Despite having a small dimension, Portugal is responsible for more than 50% of world cork production. Between other producers are Spain, southern France, southern Italy and most recently Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

  • Why should you use it ?


    Cork is a natural, recyclable and biodegradable material. We want to contribute to a eco-friendly and greener world and cork leather can provide this without compromising functionality, durability and general quality.

  • Why contact us ?


    We can improve your business adding our diversity of cork applications like; shoes, wallets, purses, bags, hats, belts and many, many more. Adding to your business another different and Eco-Friendly gamma of options to wear, catching the attention of potential costumers out there.

Interested in CORK walk & wear ?

Then don't doubt in contact us, we'll clear up any questions you have.